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I am a 68 year old female who just started having vision

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I am a 68 year old female who just started having vision problems at the end of Dec. 2009. It seem to come up quite sudden. As soon as I knew there was something wrong I made an appointment to see my Eye Dr. (Jan. 2010) I was told I had cataracts & needed surgery. I chose to buy the "Restor Lens" in hopes of having great vision for the rest of my life. The first surgery turned out good I thought at that time. But prior to the surgery on the second eye about 3 weeks later I had noticed some swelling on the first eye. The Dr. had been informed of it prior to the second surgery. He said maybe an allergy. The second eye went great but I continued to have problems with the first eye which the Dr. finally said I had a secondary cataract on it & it needed lazer surgery. Which I had & thought that would work. He also said the eye muscle may need corrected & the eye lid surgery because it now droops down. I am now seeing double most of the time and have been sent to a specialist. I immediately was sent to have a MRI & will learn two weeks later what may be happening. What now I've been told something is pushing the eye forward & causing the trouble. Any ideas of yours before I see the Dr.

Hello there

can you clarify something for me ? the first eye (right) is now droopy and there is a suspicion that there may be something in the eye socket causing it to behave in this way ? is the double vision side to side, up or down, both ? is it all the time? in all directions of gaze? how droopy is the lid, slight or severe? is teh pupil involved ? Regards

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The eye problem continues to worsen and I knew something was going on prior to the secondary cataract surgery but could not totally explain. Then during a post exam I looked straight on toward my Dr. who was sitting in front of me examing my eyes when I told him I was then seeing two of his head. It was one above the other. Then I realized there were two monitors on the wall instead of just the one. It happens now when watching TV. Now when driving I can see lines above the lines and more lights on vehicles coming towards me. I have a tendency to hold my head upward and squint the rt. eye. The left eyes seems to be normal rt. eye seems to see objects at a lower level and not on the same level as the left eye.

Hello again

it seems you have a muscle disturbance and most likely this is due to poor circulation of the nerves that move the muscles. It is also possible that there is something behind the eyeball (such as a tumor) though this is musc less likely and usually causes the eyeball to proptose (bulge out making the eye look alot bigger than the other good eye). MRI will be done to make sure there is no tumor. Next will basically be a waiting game, most likely things would improve in 2-3 months duration. I hope this sheds a bit of light on the way we handle these issues, Let me know if you have more concerns, questions, Dr. Stevens

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