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Is VKH disease and Harada's disease the same disease. If yes

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Is VKH disease and Harada's disease the same disease. If yes what is the differences.

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VKH and Harada disease is a spectrum of the same disease, with VKH been the more severe, but more rare form of the disease. Patients with complete VKH disease tend to have neurologic and hearing problems before the eye finding. The associated findings with VKH include headaches with brain covering irritation, tinnitus (ringing in the ear), alopecia (hair loss), poliosis (white eyelashes), and vitiligo (skin depigmentatin). Harada diseases is often short lived, and less severe than VKH. Harada disease is not usually associated with alopecia, vitiligo neurological and hearing problem. Harada tend to follow a generalized illness or ocular inflammation. Following treatment with steroid Harada disease tend to resolve mostly within one year. It is likely that you have Harada disease.

Prednisone: 1-1.5 mg/kg/d PO qd initially (for about 1 week); the taper by reducing the dose by 5 mg each week, but generally the taper must be individualized for each patient but in general should not be less than 3 mo to avoid recurrence. I suggest that you taper more slowly as indicated above.

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