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Dr. Stan, Ophthalmologist
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Since June 9 of last year I have had severe blurriness in my

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Since June 9 of last year I have had severe blurriness in my left eye that lasts 4-10 days and then goes away for 4 to 6 weeks. I was diagnosed with a subcapsular cataract when this started by an emergency dr (optomistrst). By the time I went to my regular optomitrist the flare up had ceased and he said that I had a cataract but it was too small for surgery. I didn't know it would continue to flare up. I finally went back to the optomitrist about 5 weeks ago(the partner of my regular dr and my vision had changed a lot so he suggested having blood sugar checker (it was fine). My GP ordered a MRI which was fine. I finally had another flare up and my regular dr was there. He said my cataract was HUGE and needed to be removed. I plan on doing that but I am confused about why it gets so much worse from time to time and then gets better. Any ideas??

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It is likely that the combined effects of your dry eyes (for which you use Restasis) and the worsening cataract occasionally cause more decrease in your vision. Also, it is possible that the HUGE cataract occasionally absorbs fluid and become more cloudy with decreased vision and focusing difficulty. In such case, it is recommended that the cataract be removed to prevent leaking of the melted cataract which can block the fluid drainage channel of the eye and cause increased eye pressure and possibly glaucoma. I suggest that you follow-up with your eye doctor (ophthalmologist) for evaluation and cataract removal.

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