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Is it okay to wear a soft contact lense in an eye with a

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is it okay to wear a soft contact lense in an eye with a broken blood vessel? My eye doesn't hurt at all.

As long as it is purely a broken blood vessel and not a red, injected eye from inflammation in the eye, then wearing a soft contact lens is usually okay and may just be difficult to wear from a comfort standpoint.

However, inflammation can often masquerade as a broken blood vessel and if there is inflammation in the eye then wearing the contact lens should be avoided. Only an eye doctor can tell the difference for certain.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I was lifting bags of rocks for my rock garden this evening...and the last time I looked in the mirror (prior to the redness)...the redness wasn't there.

To clarify, would I be correct in saying that if it's an infection, don't wear the lens AND...

if it 'appears' to be only a broken blood vessel-- I can then wear the contact but need to take it out if I feel discomfort?

THe internet says 1-2 weeks for it to clear up. Are there any signs of it clearing up before the red dot actually goes away.


Yes, this sure sounds like what's called a subconjunctival hemorrhage, or essentially a bruise to the eye.

Yes, you are also correct that if it's an infection, don't wear the contacts and if it's a broken blood vessel as it sounds, you really should only be limited from contact lens use by discomfort.

It can take one to two weeks to clear, just like a bruise anywhere else on the body. Mostly the discomfort comes when there is enough blood to cause a wrinkling or swelling in the conjunctiva. When it is flat against the eye there is likely not to be any discomfort from it.

The signs of it clearing are a thinning out of the hemorrhage (becoming more patchy, less dense) and less puffy. It can also change colors, like a bruise resolving. For the most part, these hemorrhages are fairly inconsequential, unless you begin to have multiple hemorrhages--then your doctor should look into bleeding problems.

Did that clarify things?

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