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Somebody accidentally thrusted their finger in my eye. I felt

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Somebody accidentally thrusted their finger in my eye. I felt my eye get pushed really far back. My eye is now red, and watering. I also have black around my eye. I started having double vision. Its been 2 days, I don't have double vision anymore. Since I have no insurance. Is there anything I can do to heal it at home? It hurts.

Blunt trauma to the eye can cause inflammation in the eye known as iritis which cause pain with light known as photophobia. Blunt trauma can also cause you to have blood int he eye which can cause eye pain, blurring of vision and elelvate eye pressure. You can also have a corneal abrasion which is severe eye pain that resolve once abrasion of the eye surface heals. If you don't have photophobia, eye pain you can probably observe. Only concern would be if you have a small hyphema that can cause elevation in eye pressure with or without symptoms. I'd still recommend an eye exam to make sure you don't have any problems with you eye in future. For know take it easy, don't take any aspirin producst or motrin type products to prevent a rebleed within the eye for managment of potential intra-ocular bleeding.







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