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If I read, especially small print, my eyes water & I just have

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If I read, especially small print, my eyes water & I just have to give up.I have been to see an eye consultant who said I have blepharitis (I don't think this is very bad) but he didn,t give me any idea what causes the watering. The trouble is I have never had the watering when having a consultation. I am an eighty three year old woman, but have good eyesight when this is not bothering me. I do so enjoy puzzles & such but this spoils my pleasure. I suffer from this indoors not outdoors, so I don't think it is a blocked tear duct. I would be so grateful for your help.


Hello there


I think you are suffering from an eyelid condition called meibomitis along with the blepharitis. This is a big contributor to tearing. Lets talk about the eye a bit. You may or may not know, the tears that help lubricate the eye are made of 3 different components. One is the actual watery component made in the lacrimal gland under your brow. It is where the water is made and if you get something in your eye or your eye is irritated, this gland goes in to overdrive and causes tears to be produced excessively. Second, is the mucous component and rarely do patients have a deficiency of this (often there seems to be an abundance). Third is the oily component of the tears and this comes from the glands at the base of the lashes, called meibomian glands. Those glands are often the culprit in someone with your symptoms. If those glands drain poorly, often as a consequence of aging, sometimes associated with rosacea (cause of adult acne), the mucous builds up, the tears are unstable and the eyes are red all the time.



Unfortunately, unless the glands become more functional, the situation never gets better. So the best treatment for this situation is the faithful and consistent application of heat packs which help the oils get moving. We are not talking a warm washcloth, that gets cold quickly, rather a heat pack that applies constant heat for at least 3-5 minutes at a time. If this does not provide good relief, your doc may consider an antibiotic like doxicycline, tetracycline or minocycline for 6-8 weeks or longer. These help the glands drain better. Also, use lubricants rather than allergy drops a few times a day, Refresh Celluvisc is a wonderful one to try. This regimen will help you make more stable tears and reduce the surface irritation and help make your eyes feel better, and in time the redness which is a sign of irritation, wil improve. Take care and let me know if there is any more questions or concerns.


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