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Once yesterday and just this morning, I had odd vision problem in my right eye -

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Once yesterday and just this morning, I had odd vision problem in my right eye - it was as though I lost momentarily the bottom half of my vision. It was as though a shade was drawn up halfway.

I rubbed my eyes in a minute or so the vision returned to normal. There is/was no pain or sensory issues nor other physical issues present.


PS - I have had no eye issues other than needing reading glasses.

It is possible that you have experienced the symptom of transient vision loss due to a brief cut-off of blood supply to a tiny blood vessel that feed into parts of your eye. This often indicate the presence of arteriosclerotic vessels (bad cholesterol accumulation). However, it is important to exclude other possible source of such clot, for example the heart. It is also possible that this symptom could have occurred from brief dry cornea. I suggest that you follow-up with your eye doctor for a closer evaluation. In the meantime, I suggest that you use over the counter baby aspirin 81 mg daily, and preservative free tear drop such as Refresh or Genteal drop 4 times daily to keep the eyes comfortable.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Why would only the lower half of the eye be affected by this temporary blocked vision - and vision in the upper half remain normal?

Also: why would light rubbing of the eye alleviate the issue?
Thank you so much:

It is possible that he brief cut-off of blood supply occurred with the lower visual field blood vessel (blood vessel that supply part of the retina which sees that lower field of vessel). The rubbing of the eye could actually have help dislodge the small clot in the vessel causing the occlusion. In fact, in severe retinal blood vessel occlusion, eye massage is part of the initial treatment.

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