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My 6 year old has chicken pox and they are on his eye lids

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My 6 year old has chicken pox and they are on his eye lids and a few on the inside rim of his eye. I'm worried about the puss getting into his eyes! What can I do to protect the eye? BTW - we are living in a small town in Southern Italy right now and his pediatrician is saying to get Acyclovir Ointment to put in his eyes 3-4 times a day. Is that the current recommended course of preventative action you would chose as an Eye Doctor??

Please Advise!

Cyndee Noble

Welcome to Just Answer:

Treatment the child with system medication such oral Zovirax (Acyclovir) would help reduce the likelihood of any eye complication. Use of oral benadryl or Zyretc would help reduce itching of the eyelid, and possible rubbing that can contaminate inside the eye. In addition, I suggest that you clean the eyelid twice daily with soft moist wipe. I suggest that you also use over the counter preservative free tear drop in the eyes 4 times daily to reduce dry eye sensation. If the lesions get worse or the child complains of any blurred vision or eye pain, I suggest that you follow-up with an eye doctor for closer evaluation.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank-you, yes I need more clarification. While waiting for your answer I spoke with a local pediatrician. She suggested Acyclovir ointment for the eyes 3-4 x day. You are the eye doctor and suggest a systemic medicine, can you share your thoughts on both of these?
Also, my son can't swallow pills yet, is there some form of Acyclovir he can actually take?

What is the property in Bendryl that I need to find here in Italy? I haven't seen that brand.

What kind of soft moist wipe are you talking about putting in the corners of his eyes?

Preservative free moisturizing eye drops I think I can find!

Please advise.
Thank you so much:

Topical Zovirax is okay, but you want to avoid it getting into the eye from the eyelid (it is not formulated for the eye). Oral Zovirax comes in suspension as well. It will help with any systemic effect of the chicken pox, if by chance any virus gets into the eye. A seven to 10 days treatment would be adequate. Discuss that possibility with your the doctor. There is no significant systemic complication from the treatment. Benadryl is diphenhydramine for itching. Alternatively, and better yet, the doctor can prescribe hydroxyzine (Atarax) syrup for itching. I do not mean to put the soft moist wipe in the eye, I meant to use any clean wipe or sterile gauze to keep the eyelid lesion or rash dry. You want to avoid any discharge (if it opens) from getting into there eye.

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