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What do I do if my eyes are itchy every second of every day,

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What do I do if my eyes are itchy every second of every day, because really thin hair was in them?


What you are describing seem like a severe eye allergy. The treatment for this is -

- Wearing goggles or dark glasses on going out.

- apply cold compresses with ice on closed eye lids

- use anti allergy eye drops like visive-A, naphacon-A, zaditor eye drops

- take oral anti-histaminic like benadryl or claritin or alavert etc.

If there is no improvement with the above treatment then you need to consult an Ophthalmologist for a detailed evaluation and if need be prescription mild steroid eye drops.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you. ***** have had eye allergies for 12 years. I have seen 5- 6 doctor's (Undoubtedly I can improve this.) I have taken everything. For the last year I have been taking alrex (steriod) and bereve. Although these may help (I don't really know becuase:) all the rubbing caused hair to grow inside. Can this be removed with laser (versus tweezer)?

If the hair of your eye lashes have started turning inside, then you need to be evaluated to see whether the whole of eye lid is turned inside or if the eyelashes are troubling you. Laser treatment is better than plucking with tweezer. Argon laser has been done and has showed good results for treating ingrowing eyelashes. The other options are cryo, epilation (painful) etc.

I would recommend you to consult your Ophthalmologist for a detailed evaluation and then decide on the treatment for you depending on the amount of hair troubling you.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The hair is growing from the inside of my eye. i constantly rub my eyes; so now, hair is growing from the middle of the corner of my eye (from the inside/middle, not on the lid).

Soft hair is normally present in some people in the inside corner of the eye. That usually does not cause a problem. But is hard hair is coming then that can rub on the eye and cause irritation or pain. That again would have to be seen first hand by an Ophthalmologist on a slit lamp to decide whether it needs to be removed or not.


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