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I have had an increase in the number and size of floaters in

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I have had an increase in the number and size of floaters in both eyes now for months. The floaters keep getting larger and do not go away like thay used to. Some of them are strtings of gray smudges, and some are getting balcker. There are also black bots and small balck circles with a dot inside that like a mini bullseye. The areas of floaters are about 50% od my range of vision, same for each eye.
I have heard that it could be a sign that something is wrong and I should see an opthamologist, but I do not have personal health care. I only have resource to use the VA Hospital in my area because I am a veteran, but I have never used that hospital before. I am asking what the risks are if I do not see a doctor about this soon.
Well, the floaters by definition should not be impairing your vision. So if you are seeing bullseyes and other objects, you might have a vascular issue with your eye, retinal detachment or even macular degeneration.

You should ceratinly see a doctor soon- because you could a correctable cause- and this is your vision. The sooner this gets addressed, the better off you will be. But you need a comprehensive ophthalmological exam. Since you are a veteran- take advantage of your benefits!

warm regards
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
As a follow-up, the VA said there was nothing serious going on and that the floaters could go away on their own, but aren't. Thank you for you answer, because as a result I am on the VA health care plan and they are providing everything for me for free. It is better than Medicaid or Medicare would be (I am not eligible for those, though, as I haven't worked full time for about 15 years).