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Dr.S Riaz
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For the last few years my lower eye lid on one side is

Customer Question

For the last few years my lower eye lid on one side is always red and ever so slightly swollen / puffy. It in turn leads to my eye looking a little blood shot sometimes and is worse when i'm tired or had not much sleep.
Everyone at wor always comments, "whats wrong with your eye"? and its starting to get me down a little now as its every day! My other eye is fine.
I also seem to get sty's on the top eye lid maybe once a month which also compounds the problem!
Ive been to the docs twice and each time they told me to get a cotton bud and warm water and wipe it. But it makes NO difference! I wake up with it and go to sleep with it! Reguardless if its been dirty or not!
Could it be something else? Is this common? Am I doomed for a life of people staring / asking me about it? Or could it be something else the docs have over looked? Should I ask to be refered to a specialist?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr.S Riaz replied 7 years ago.


You're most likely to be having blepharitis which is nothing but inflammation of the lids. Stye can be recurrent in this condition. It may often be difficult to treat this. There can be grittiness and redness in the eyes. Lid hygiene is most important and lids should be daily scrubbed with diluted baby shampoo. At bedtime you should apply an eye ointment like Tetracycline. A lubricating drop like Refresh Tears shlould also be used. Any dandruff in your hair should be aggressively treated with medicated shampoo like Nizoral as it aggravates this condition. You are expected to get betterb on this treatment. You can see an ophthalmologist and discuss it with him. Thanks and best wishes.

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