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I've been told by my eye doctor that I have cholesterol

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I've been told by my eye doctor that I have cholesterol deposits in my right eye. It is very bothersome as I can see it all of the time. What can I do about it


Do you mean on the lids or inside the eye?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
They are at the back of the eye not on the eye ball. It is similar to seeing black dots or sometimes like a greyish patch

There are 2 possibilities. The first one is asteroid hyalosis in which small spherical white bodies resembling snowball may be seen. It is associated with diabetes and raised cholesterol. Usually no treatment is required but if the vision is markedly reduced then vitrectomy surgery may be done but this is a big surgery so usually avoided. The second possibility is synchysis scintillans in which there is a deposition of freely floating highly refractile cholesterol crystals in the back of the eye(vitreous). "Golden shower" may be seen during movements of the eye. No treatment is usually indicated. This condition may be seen in eyes which have suffered trauma or inflammation. You can discuss with your ophthalmologist. Thanks and best wishes.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
What I would like to know as well is it something that will get worse or can it be contained. when I was younger I had high cholesterol for years but kept it under control with crestor. I have lately been eating oats every morning and my last test showed much improvement. My sugar is good and so is my blood pressure. I just had some tests done a month ago.

You are most likely to have asteroid hyalosis. Although it is progressive in nature but it almost never leads to severe vision loss. To read more about this you can follow this link - Thanks and regards.

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