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my eyes are inflamed and sore

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my eyes are inflamed and sore

Is it one eye or both eyes?
Do you having any itching?
What eye drops are you using?
Have you seen an eye doctor?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
it started as a small dry patch rash on one eye and is on bothe eyes but mostly on the first eye. It is very red and the swelling is going down but by morning i will wake up with my left eye mostly really swollen. I started the vitamin d today again and i now have more pronounced in the inside corners of my eyes and lower eyelid area. Im allergic to many things including my cat I visit but seem to be doing better when i visit my cat than when i retire for the end of the day in my room in the other end of town. I'm a roomate and my roomate smokes outside so i cant see what it is in my room that may be causing my problem, i occasionally get tearing but what i mostly have now is red sore looking eyes that are a little but swollen on the one eye and loose pebbly texture skin on that eye from it constantly swelling.
Thank you for the additional information.

It appears your eye irritation is due to ocular allergies as you mentioned. The treatment is avoidance of the things causing the allergic reaction, though that is not always possible. Treatment of the allergies with oral antihistamines and/or antihistamine eye drops will help the swelling. You may consider seeing any eye doctor who may be able to prescribe a stronger steroid eyedrop or cream to reduce the swelling.

In the mean time, use chilled artificial tears and a cool wash cloth to help with the symptoms.

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