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recently had cataract surgery that was botched.According to

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recently had cataract surgery that was botched.According to the doctor,who has done thousands of these things,the cataract dropped to an area behind the eye that he could not reach and,therefore couldnt remove.He referred me to another physician who did "back of the eye surgery" and he informed me that the retina was detached,among other things.I think the retina became detached because the original cataract surgeon didnt have the necessary skill set or instruments to get the alleged cataract fragments...after thousands of surgeries,this should not happen and it has caused me countless hours of pain and inconvenience.I am contemplating filing a malpractice suit against the cataract surgeon...and my eyesight in the surgically botched eye is worse than ever,since no lens is in the eye now.I am contemplating filing a malpractice suit,if I can find a lawyer who will handle the case on a contingency fee basis.



I am an ophthalmologist on this site. You probably had a nucleus drop during the cataract surgery. It is a known complication of cataract surgery. The dropped nucleus can cause retinal detachment. Retinal detachment is a serious complication. Vitrectomy is required to remove the dropped nucleus which was done later in your case This vitrectomy surgery is done by a retina surgeon and cataract surgeon is not trained in this surgery. So, if you are operated in a hospital which does not have a retina surgeon or the facilities for vitrectomy then you will be referred to another hospital which happened in your case. You may file a malpractice suit after consulting a lawyer. Thanks and best wishes.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I had surgery to reattach the retina this past Monday.However,I am still in a some pain and discomfort and am unable to perform most routine tasks.I do not feel that this should happen with an experienced surgeon who has done thousands of cataract removal surgeries.He should have the experience,tools,techniques and procedures in place to avoid outcomes like this.

In your opinion,what is the best approach to take to pursue a lawsuit to rectify this botched procedure.How often have U ,in your practice,had this occur when removing a cataract? I am of the opinion that,it shouldnt happen,after U have years of experience and completed thousands of these same surgeries.The cataract is always in the front of the eye and if U follow the proper procedure and use the proper tools,without distraction or loss of focus during surgery,this shouldnt happen.

Your comments on what information or charts I would need to gather to pursue whatever legal remedies are available.

Nucleus drop is a serious but known complication of catarct surgery and can happen in the best and most experienced hands. Though it is not very common. If your surgeon did not inform you about this complication or did not refer you to a retina surgeon, he is definitely at fault in my opinion. A lawyer would guide you better as it is a medico-legal issue. All I can say is that this complication can occur even by best surgeons. There is a very thin posterior capsule of the lens which can easily rupture during cataract surgery and nucleus of the lens or any part of the lens may fall back into the vitreous cavity which usually require vitrectomy surgery. Thanks and best wishes.



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