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Dr. Stan, Ophthalmologist
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My eyes will start to water and then I get a headache

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my eyes will start to water and then I get a headache everyday, I am being treated for migraines but I don't think that is the long term answer. Could something be wrong with my eyes to cause the headaches?

Welcome to Just Answer:

It is likely that you are experiencing the headache due to the strain and imbalance of the refractive error introduced by the Topamax side effect, or tearing, which cause the eye muscles to become fatigued and ache. The goal for you would be to stop Topamax, treat the tearing and possibly the underlying cause. In general, tearing can be caused by allergy, dry eyes (with reflex excess tear production to counter balance the dryness), blocked tear duct with poor drainage. To determine the specific cause, I suggest that you follow-up with your doctor for closer evaluation; in addition to stopping the Topamax, checking your eyelids, cornea, punctum and the drainage system.

Since you are already using visine eye drop - that may suggest that you do have allergy with in fact can affect the tearing and in addition the preservative in visine called BAK can irritate the cornea and make it more difficult to cause. I suggest that you change visine to Zaditor eye drop twice daily.

Most importantly, in addition to the cornea refractive changes from tearing, I believe that the significant cause of your strain with focusing, and hence headache, is from the medication Topomax. Topomax is has been shown to cause a shift toward myopic or nearsightedness in the eye. So, I suggest the you follow-up with your eye doctor and discuss with you doctor to stop the Topamax and within few days your refractive will normalize, and that could even help resolve the tearing which could also have been due to the eye straining. Using preservative free tear drop such as Refresh or Genteal as needed will be beneficial.

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