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When i get up in the morning, my left eye seems to fold alot

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when i get up in the morning, my left eye seems to fold alot and my right eye doesnt, there seem to be a tiny little cut in my right eye but u cant really tell, i been too two eye doctor and they say its nothing, but last time when i get up in the morning both eyes would have the same folds, if there was a tiny cut in my right eye, are there any over the conter i can use to heal it? it just wont seem to heal.


I am not sure whether there is any cut or not as I have not seen you. You may apply an anti-biotic ointment like Tetracycline for a few days. Also use a lubricating drop like Refresh Tears. I hope, it helps. Thanks.

Follow-up questions, if any, are welcome.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i got something in my eye a while back in my right eye, and when i took it out, there seem to be a cut on the eyelid cause there was one eyelash going into my eye at the very end of the eyelid from my ears, but i took it out with a tweezer, the doctor says it isnt a cut but its a very shady cut, wat if there was a cut on the eyelid, wat would heal it? i been to the doctor 3 times and im sick of it.I think they cant tell cause i took out the eyelash that was going into my eyes, pokein my eyes at the time

If there was a cut in the lid, it would have most likely healed on it's own. The body's immune system is capable of doing that. However, if it bothers you and you feel that a cut is still there on the lid you can apply tetracycline ointment at that place at bedtime. Thanks.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
where would i find tetracycline ointment at? is it over the conter?

Yes, you may get it over the counter. You can discuss with the pharmacist. You can apply any anti-biotic eye ointment that you may get over the counter. Do not apply it for more than a week. Thanks.

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