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The vision in my husband's left eye has decreased rapidly in

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The vision in my husband's left eye has decreased rapidly in the last 3 weeks, to the point where he is now totally blind in that eye. A visit to the opthomologist , including several eye tests, revealed no problem in the eye. Problem is swelling of the optic nerve. A visit to his regular physician who ordered an MRI of the brain apparently revealed nothing. Now we are waiting for a second opinion from another opthomologist. He has no pain, just frustration, especially trying to get someone to be serious about this. We have very good insurance so that's not a problem. Should he move on to a neurologist?

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Other medical problem? High blood pressure? High cholesterol? diabetes?

Did the eye doctor check his eye pressure?

Any history of eye surgery?

How old is your husband?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Regarding my husband, Phillip, 64 years old: High blood pressure- he is on medication for this, but it isn't very high and is controlled by medication. Cholesterol levels are good, no diabetes. I'm sure between the optometrist! and opthomologist his eye pressure was checked. He has never had eye surgery. In 1996 he did have surgery, a stereotactic biopsy. His dr. was a neurologist. From what I understand a cyst was removed from the portion of the brain that produces spinal fluid. It was a 45 minute surgery and there were no negative results from this. Thanks.


Thank you so much for your reply.

It appears that your husband has papilledema (swelling of the optic nerve) of the left eye which can be caused by increased pressure in the orbit of the left eye, transient stroke in the optic nerve head blood vessel of the left eye, sarcoidosis, orbital lymphoma, viral infection of the optic nerve head, temporal arteritis, orbital pseudotumor cerebri, non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neurolopathy and recurrent brain arachoid cyst causing increased left orbital/brain pressure. Although the MRI was normal, I suggest that special contrast MRI studies with very thin-cut, with close focus on the arachnoid area, in addition to closer re-evaluation by a neuro-ophthalmologist specialist, checking temporal arteritis with ESR, and C-reactive protein. In addition, if not already done, a Humphrey Visual Field test, Topography and possibly Fluorescein of the eye may be considered. At this time, I suggest that he would benefit from oral prednisone to help quiet any persisting inflammation.

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