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Pediatric Eye Dr...far sighted with vision of 6.75 in his lazy eye

Resolved Question:

My Grandson, now 15 months old, was taken to the Pediatric Eye Dr. today. They were told he was 'far sighted' with vision of 6.75 in his 'lazy eye' and 6.45 in his other eye. He has what appears to be Strabismis but this is not what they referred to, just saying he was far sighted and would have to wear glasses. At times, his left eye will turn inward. This will be difficult keeping them on him too. My questions is what types of treatment(s)/surgery can be done to correct this, besides eye glasses? Could this possibly improve with time? We are very upset and want to do whatever we can to avoid a future of eye problems. We have no family history of any eye problems and no one wears glasses except for reading glasses.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. James replied 7 years ago.

It appears your son has a condition called accommodative esotropia. This is an inward eye turn due to his high farsightedness. The treatment is with eyeglasses. Contact lenses would be an option as well, but there is risk of infection and a need to take them in and out.

If the eye turn inward is fully corrected with glasses/contact lenses, then surgery is not indicated. It is important for your grandson to be seen regularly to check his vision development. His farsightedness will improve with time, but it is important his vision development is checked regularly so that he doesn't not develop amblyopia ("lazy eye").

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