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Can you please comment on laser treatments for eye floaters

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Can you please comment on laser treatments for eye floaters? Whilst this is not being done here in Australia, I would consider travelling to the US if there is a realistic expectation that laser treatment could work.

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Please, describe the floaters for me?

Any other medical problem?

How often do you see the floaters?

How much does the floaters affect your daily activities visual function?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
They are constant in left eye - happened only three days ago - large mass in centre like fine mesh with dark spot/strands mainly on left but also around edges of the "mesh". If I stare without moving eye for some time, do not see the floaters but as soon as eye moves can see floaters in front and left of eye mainly but elso around bottom and right.

Thank you so much for your reply.

It appears that you are experiencing the floaters symptom of posterior vitreous detachment (PVD). This is not retinal detachment. It is common with age, and can be unequal in each eye. It is usually not harmful, except when it becomes severe and affects your vision significantly. At this point the retinal eye specialist would perform eye surgery to remove the melted clear gel inside the eye which caused the PVD and the floaters.

In general, with age the clear gel in the eye sometimes melts in different locations, and the sensation of motion of the melted vitreous creates the floating sensation. Laser would not be the treatment approach for this floaters, rather you will need closer evaluation by your retina eye specialist to determine need for removal of the melted vitreous in your left eye in order to resolve the floaters, as well as exclude any other retinal problem.

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