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My Optometrist informed me on 02/01/2010, that I have Guttata

Resolved Question:

My Optometrist informed me on 02/01/2010, that I have Guttata of the left eye and Macular Membrane of my right eye. My Dr. also infor med me that both these eyes diseases are rare, can you please explain to me what are these two eye diseases are. I have an appointment with an Opthalmologist next week. My visionis seriously blurred in both eyes. I do wear eyeglasses. Thank you for all you any in
put and answers that you provide to me, my birthday is XXXXX Feb. 3rd, 2010 I am 44 years old. Regards, XXXXX XXXXX
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr.S Riaz replied 7 years ago.



A very happy birthday to you! I am sorry that you have these problems. Both corneal guttata and epiretinal membrane are not that rare and we see both these conditions quite commonly in our OPDs. Corneal guttata is seen in Fuch's endothelial dystrophy. Symptoms include blurred vision and glare. There may be pain in advanced cases from rupture of bullae and resultant corneal erosions. Sodium chloride drops are helpful. Anti-glaucoma medications may be needed if the eye pressure is high. Penetrating keratoplasty or DSEK surgery may be required when visual acuity decreases due to corneal edema.


Macular membrane or epiretinal membrane are usually asymptomatic but may cause decreased or distorted vision. It can occur due to a retinal break, posterior vitreous detachment, uveitis, after intra-ocular surgery etc. For many cases the cause is not known. Treating the underlying cause may help. In advanced cases surgical peeling of the membrane is done. I hope, that helps. Thanks and once again a very happy birthday to you!



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