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Dr. Stevens
Dr. Stevens, Ophthalmologist
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My eyes are red and have been red for 2-3 weeks. Sometimes

Resolved Question:

My eyes are red and have been red for 2-3 weeks. Sometimes they burn, other times they're just red. Sometimes it feels like there's something in them, other times not. Sometimes there's extra goop in the corners and sometimes my vision is blurry due to what feels like a "floater." I wear contacts. What in the world is going on and how can I get it to stop?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Stevens replied 7 years ago.

Hello there

what is your age and how long have you been wearing contacts? What is the duration of time during the day that you use the contacts? Do your eyes tear at all ?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I just turned 18 and I've been wearing contacts for 3 years. I wear contacts for about 12-14 hours a day and they've been tearing more often the past couple weeks, mostly when its windy or on the days that they're really bothering me.
Expert:  Dr. Stevens replied 7 years ago.

Hello there

It is pretty apparent that you are wearing your contacts too long and the redness simply is an indication of irritation. First, you need to get a new set of contact lenses. Second you need to temporarily reduce your length of use to 6-8 hours a day if possible. Next, you need to purchase some preservative free artificial tear such as Refresh Celluvisc and use it before placing your contacts and after you remove them. This helps lubricate your eyes and soothe them. If these contacts have recently been changed in prescription or brand, I would consider the possibility of a poor fit on your cornea as well. I hope this helps, Dr. Stevens

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
My only concern with that is why would they start tearing/reddening now? They've never done this in the past.
Expert:  Dr. Stevens replied 7 years ago.

Hello again

it takes very little for the eyes to get into a vicious cycle of irritation, redness, tearing, mucous buildup and pain. It could have simply began on a day when you used the contacts too long and the eyes simply have not had a chance to repair themselves. The plan I outlined for you works for most of my contact lens wearing patients. I wish you well, Dr. Stevens

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