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I will be 75 in March of 2010. I recently had a

Resolved Question:

My name is ***** *****. I will be 75 in March of 2010. I recently had a non-convulsive
seizure. As a result, a neurologist prescribe keppra xr for me. After taking this drug for about two weeks and then at 1000 mg per day I began to experience excruciating head
aches and eye pain on my left side. I also became double visioned. Double vision is listed
as a possible serious side effect of the drug. The doctor immediately took me off the drug
but latter informed me that my diabetes was the cause of my double vision and not the drug. My double vision continues three weeks after I was taken off the drug. I have read
the info on wikapedia about nerve no. 6 paralasys and the possibility of the double vision
returning to normal single vision on it's own in 9-12 months. Also treatment with botox injections or surgery is mentioned. Can you please cast more light on more up to date treatments if they exist?
Thank your for any advise that you can give.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. James replied 7 years ago.
Hello James,

You are correct that diabetes is a common cause of a six nerve palsy. This causes the eye to not be able to move out toward the ear. Most patients will notice some improve at 4-6 weeks, then further resolution by 4-6 months. The chances are good that your vision will become single again. If it doesn't improve over the next few months, then your doctor may look for other causes. If you haven't had an eye exam, you should schedule one with an ophthalmologist.

Since the double vision is expected to improve, the treatment for now would be to alleviate the double vision by non-surgical means. The simplest is the eyepatch you are currently using. Another solution is to use a prism on your glasses to make the vision single. There are temporary prisms available called Fresnel prism which sticks on the surface of your glasses.

If the double vision doesn't go away after 6-9 months, then you can consider eye muscle surgery or botox injection to realign the eyes. Additionally you can be prescribed glasses with built in prisms.

Remember to press the green ACCEPT button if my answer was helpful. It was a pleasure helping you with your question and feel free to ask any additional follow up questions.
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