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Dr.S Riaz
Dr.S Riaz, Ophthalmologist
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I have a red spot (1mm dia) on the iris of my left eye just

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I have a red spot (1mm dia) on the iris of my left eye just under the pupil. My vision in that eye has been getting cloudy after about 1-hour following awakening. It seems stable now unless i bend over and put my head down toward the floor.
Do I need to go to emergency today (Sunday)?
I am on lotrell for blood pressure (one week ago I started taking the lotrell in the am, after eating, rathere than the pm as I may have had a bleeding ulcer last month (according to GI specialist)

Hello Customer,



Do you mean the red spot is on the white part of the eye just below the cornea?(iris is inside the eye)


Does it look like a broken vessel in the eye?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The red spot is NOT on the white. The red spot is on top of the "cornea" (Sorry for using the wrong word)
Could you send me a photo of your eye by attching it with the help of tool box given above your writing box?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I cant take a picture right now. Can you say anything without a pic?

Yes, the picture would have been very helpful. An examination is a must to say with surity wheter it is something serious or can wait. The possibilities include keratititis, pterygeum or pseudopterygeum etc. Pterygeum or pseudopterygeum develop gradually so if this red spot has developed in a day these are ruled out. Since vision is affected, you should see an ophthalmologist early. A general practitioner won't be of much help. If an ophthalmologist is not available readily you can consider seeing an optometrist. Thanks and best wishes.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The cludiness only became apparent this morning after I arose from bed.

I don't know if the red spot was there previously.


'm trying to attach a picture.

Let me know if it is of any value or if you cant see enough from it. The spot is just below the pupil opening.

Thank yougraphic

Sorry, the picture has not been attached. I just wanted to confirm the position of the red spot. If it was on the white part(sclera), it would have most probably been due to a ruptured vessel(sub-conjunctival hemorrhage). Cornea is an avascular(devoid of blood supply) so a red spot is usually not seen on it. In some conditions like pterygeum, pseudopterygeum blood vessels can grow upon it. It happens gradually. When the pterygeum comes in the centre(visual axis) vision may be affected. This condition is not an emergency. However, another possibility is keratitis which could be infectious and needs to be seen immediately. So you should see an ophthalmologist immediately. Thanks.



I can see the picture now though it is not clear. The blood looks as if it is behind the cornea i.e. in the anterior chamber. This is most likely to be due to trauma. This condition is called hyphaema and you need to see an ophthalmologist as sson as possible. Thanks and best wishes.



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