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Can i get AZAsite without docters advise? Here in France

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can i get AZAsite without docters advise? Here in France they don't know the drops because they are too expensive and I would very much try them for my blepharitis anterior and posterior.

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Azasite requires a prescription. Azasite is a topical azithromycin which is similar to the tobramycin in tobradex. Now they are different classes of antibiotic but he the purpose of the tobramycin and the azithromycin is for the metalloproteinase inhibition. It is thought that this would help loosen the meibomian gland lipids thus improving tear film and lid margin telangiectasia. I've found that azasite is not that much different than tobradex. I prefer to use oral antibiotics like minocycline or doxycycline for my patients with blepharitis. Along with this I have them use omega 3 fatty acids like theratears. Also use warm compresses and lid cleansing daily.

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