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Problems with my right eye: dry eyes, pinching sensation

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problems with my right eye: dry eyes, pinching sensation would occur over the eye ball, headeaches on the right side of the head, electric sensation when touching over my right eye brow, also happening behind my head. Stratching feeling on my eye (can't wear my contacts without discomfort). I also always feel a weight in the inside corner of my eye, where my lacrimal sac is, i believe. It feels as though i have something there. What can cause these sensations, and why? My ostheopath talks about the trochlear nerve... can that make sense
thank you for your time


If you have been using contact lenses previously, then the commonest cause of symptoms like yours is dryness of eyes. For this you need to use lubricating eye drops like systane, genteal, refresh liqigel etc (available over the counter). If still the symptoms persist after using the lubricating eye drops, then you need to consult an Ophthalmologist to check for any increase in pressure of the eye or any change of prescription of glasses if required.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Dr. PG,

Thank you for answering, however I have worn contact for a very long time, however for the last two years I have only worn them max twice a week for periods of less than 6 hours. I have used drops, preservative free (in case it was an allergic reaction to drops). I have done a test for my eye pressure, an optic nerve test, peripheral vision exam, an MRI of the right orbit and my vision has not changed since I started experiencing these problems. When I turn my eyes, it's as though the muscle is forcing (right eye), and gets tired very fast. I feel like I have a mini lump in the inner corner of my right eye. Sensitivity to the upper-back right side of the head. Can there be a problem with the nerve? If there is a blocage of the lacrimal glands, can it cause those symptoms? Could it be that the MRI could not detect that?

thank you in advance for following up
I'm trying to get as much info to find a solution.

A blocked nasolacrimal duct will present as excessive tearing in the eye. Also, there might be some discharge in the inner corner of the eye. Your symptoms do not seem like a blocked duct. In case one of the nerves is involved, there is usually restriction of movement of the eyeball in one of the directions.

Since your eye evaluation is normal, there can be a possibility of a stress headache or migraine. You have senstivity in the right side of head with uncomfortableness in right eye as well. So, the symptoms might be that of migraine, specially ocular migraine which might not present as frank headache. I would recommend you to consult a Neurologist for a detailed evlauation. In the meantime, continue using the lubricating eye drops to avoid any dryness.


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