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I have acute pain in my rt.eye upon waking from sleep. I am

Resolved Question:

I have acute pain in my rt.eye upon waking from sleep. I am unable to open my eye as the pain is so acute. My eye then commences to water profusely and I am then able topull my eyelid off of my eye.My eye is now open but I am in considerable pain for several minutes. There is also significant crusting on the eye involved. This condition occurs off and on thru' out the year but does not seem to be seasonally influenced. Also, I used to work a night sleepshift with no n animal environment which is where I first experienced this. I now seep at home. We have a dog ,but it is not on the bed. I am 66yrs.old;have worn glasses most of my life;am in generally good health.My optomitrist says that I have dry eyes and recommended atificial tears which I use with no relief; also a gel with no relief and my eye waters profusely. There is no redness associated with this. There is no scratch or abrasion noted on the cornea. It is primarily affecting the Rt. eye only but has on occasion occured in the
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr.S Riaz replied 7 years ago.



There could be 2 possibilities. The first one is blepharitis. You can have crusting of lids in this condition and you may feel grittiness. It also causes dryness. Lid hygiene is of utmost importance and lids should be daily scrubbed with diluted baby shampoo. Also an eye ointment like Tetracycline should be applied at bedtime. A lubricating eye drop like Refresh tears should also be used.


The second possibility is allergy. Itching is common in this condition. You will require anti-allergis and lubricants. Blepharitis is more likely though you should see an ophthalmologist to confirm it. If there is significnt discharge then you could be having conjunctivitis also. Thanks.



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