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A new question is answered every 9 seconds gp..eye allergy yet again only in the right eye

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I am having issues with my right eye. I had lower eyelid blepharoplasty and it went well however my right eye became infected or something odd = I went back to plastic surgeon and he prescribed a drop however after five days it wasnt working - he was away on vacation so went to see my gp who prescribed Pentamycetin antibotic drops that didnt initially work but the eye did clear up. THEN i get a very similar to an eye allergy yet again only in the right eye. The eye runs and runs clear liquid and it very itchy. Went to see my ophthalmologist who checks says eye white is swollen and it must be an allergy - gave me Opticrom drops and says should be better in 2 days. It started to clear up/kept taking drops & and poof I am now experiencing it again if not worse( watery eye).Am not wearing my contacts. I am getting really concerned. Last dr was aware of surgery and other prescribed drops. Any suggestions? Eye surgery was Dec 10 so this going on for awhile. Thanks in advance. Tricia

When you close your eyes gently, is any part of your eye still visible? (you may need to ask someone else to observe you)
Do you have swelling of the eyeids or just discharge?
When is your next followup with the ophthalmologist?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi my eye is NOT visible when eyelid shut.. No swelling of eyelids. . Its like I am continuing crying.!!!! I meant to mention I am NOT mixing meds or eye drops.


The ophthalmologist said to come back if it doesnt clear up. I was certain that it had until last night and it has started all over again. Le sigh,


My vision is actually fine tho can get like a film over my eye from all this but it goes away,

really does react like an allergy attack except have never experienced continuous watery eyes.


Your symptoms are likely due to surface irritation and reactive tearing. Lower eyelid blepharoplasty is often done from the inside surface of the eyeball where orbital fat is removed. By doing so, this disrupts the conjunctiva and the glands within it. The conjunctiva usually heals very well without the need of any stitches, but it appears your symptoms are still related to the healing process and disruption of the glands within the conjunctiva.

I suspect that it will improve, but you need to continue to lubricate your eyes very well. I recommend you use preservative-free artificial tears in the tear away ampules 4-6 times a day and a lubricating ointment at night before bedtime. If it doesn't improve, you should see your ophthalmologist again. It is unlikely an infection since it has been 3 weeks from the surgery.

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