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I had surgery for a detached retina on July 7th 2009 a

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I had surgery for a detached retina on July 7th 2009 a scleral buckle and bubble was used i find i cant see items such as letters from far and i see blurry im told i now also have a cataract. How many months usually to know my final results and is a cataract common and will it cause any problems if i go with iol len that helps see near far to not need glasses in this eye

Yes, a cataract is a common consequence of retinal detachment surgery, especially when a gas bubble is used. Final vision is best assessed after the cataract has been removed.

It is possible for you to choose one of the newer IOL which allows you to see near and far. However, in patients where the final vision is uncertain, it is best to go with the standard monofocal IOL which is set to one focus and use reading glasses when needed.

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