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Help... After waking up this morning I am seeing through a

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Help... After waking up this morning I am seeing through a "cloudy type of dirty spot" in my right eye. It's centered in the field of view from my right eye and moves with the movement of my eye, it also seems to have a "floating" kind of composition to it because even though it moves in the direction of vision it kind of floats a bit after my field of view is stationary. As I'm typing this in the computer the white screen background enhances the minute black spottiness this "cloud" consist of... it looks like small particles of dirt some spread apart thinner and some grouped thicker suspended in a transparent gel. I even see it and its movement when I close my eye. I wonder if this can sound any stranger. Never the less, it is quite worrisome. What is this, why do I have it, and most importantly what do I have to do to make it go away? I truly hope this is not permanent. I am a student that is constantly reading, studying, and doing research and I'm afraid to even think how this would affect me. Can any Ophthalmologist out there help me?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr.S Riaz replied 7 years ago.


You have most probably developed a posterior vitreous detachment which is a normal ageing change. The vitreous gel in the posterior part of the eye liquifies with age and shrinks and may form a clump which is visible to you as a floater. As the vitreous detaches from the retina it may cause a pull on it leading to flashes of light. Usually this goes uneventful but sometimes it may cause a retinal tear which can progress to retinal detachment leading to severe loss of vision. So, you should see an ophthalmologist to confirm the diagnosis and rule out any retinal tear. Thanks.

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