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Dr.S Riaz
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morning I saw a small pink shape to the right of my right eye

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when I woke up this morning I saw a small pink shape to the right of my right eye. After I blinked about 3 times it was gone. I have not seen before or since.
I have an eye test booked tomorrow is that ok?



Do you have any floaters or flashes of light in your vision?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
When I wake up I sometimes see a few black lines that disappear when I have blinked a few times. I dont get flashes of white light, but earlier this year I was staring at the tv and then got a small white light that went off after I stopped looking at the tv. That was about 4 months ago and has not happened again.

It looks like you have a posterior vitreous detachment which is a normal ageing change. The vitreous gel in the posterior part of the eye liquifies with age and shrinks. As it shrinks, it may cause traction on the retina which may lead to flashes of light and floaters in the eye. Usually, it goes uneventful, but sometimes it may cause a retinal tear which can lead to retinal detachment and serious loss of vision. So, a person with these symptoms must get a dilated fundus examination to rule out any retinal tear. I could be wrong as I have not seen you but a posterior vitreous detachment is likely. Even if it is something else, a fundus examination needs to be done to find that out. It's good that you have an eye test tomorrow. Thanks.


Follow-up questions, if any, are most welcome.



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