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Child 4 years old. Has Blond Retinus. Multimum ensyme disorder,

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Child 4 years old. Has Blond Retinus. Multimum ensyme disorder, or Infantile Refsum Disease. Cannot see in bright light. Is there any help or cure. Does not want to wear sunglasses.



I can understand what you feel but there is not much that can be done. Your child may be suffering from ocular albinism(if eye alone is involved) or oculocutaneous albinism(skin, hair and eye involvement). Treatment involves visual aids. If she does not want to wear glasses then may be contact lens should be used if she is co-operative or may be at a later stage. You can read more about this condition by following this link - You can get her examined by another ophthalmologist for a second opinion as I am basing my answer on what you told me. But if she has blonde retina there is not much that can be done. I hope you understand.



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