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Dr.S Riaz
Dr.S Riaz, Ophthalmologist
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the whites of my eyes have always been red, l l take drops

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the whites of my eyes have always been red, l l take drops which only clears them up for a very short while. it don't matter in what environment l am in, l get comments all the time, can you help

Hello Customer,


You need to treat the cause behind this redness which could be meibomitis or blepharitis. Using the eye drops like yours are going to cause problems in the long run. They will clear your eye for a few hours by causing vasoconstrictions and when the effect wears off the eye will become red again.


In meibomitis there is inflammation of the meibomion glands present on the lid margins. Due to this tear film in the eye is defective causing redness, dryness and in severe cases burning in the eyes. Warm compresses will help. An oral course of doxycycline for 2 weeks is recommended. A preservative free lubricant eye drop like Refresh Teras should also be used.


Even in blepharitis, the above treatment is useful. Any associated dandruff should also be treated. Lid hygiene is very important and should be daily scrubbed with diluted baby shampoo.


Even allergy could be a cause behind dryness. In that case you would have itching in addition to redness. Anti-allergics like Pataday drops are helpful. A visit to an ophthalmologist is recommended. Thanks.




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Customer: replied 7 years ago.


The applications that you recommend, are these just temporary measures, as l don't have the time to adminster warm compresses shall will say every couple of hours. Is their something that will cure this condition period.


Kind regards



You will have administer warm compresses till the eyes become O.K. Once the eyes become fine you will not need it but the cause has to be treated. Once that is taken care of you should feel a lot better.Thanks.