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In May of this year, I had pink-eye in both eyes. It was

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In May of this year, I had pink-eye in both eyes. It was worse in my left eye.
Since then, I've been getting tiny little bumps on the top and lower eyelid edges, they hurt when I blink. At first I thought they were little pimples, and I popped them. Now I leave them alone until they go away on their own. I think this has happened maybe 5 or 6 times since May.
Also since May, but seemingly all the time, I have more mucus in my left eye. Sometimes people call it 'sleep' or 'eye boogers'. Sometimes it will cloud my vision so bad that I can't even see clearly out of that eye.
Recently, I had a large one along the waterline of my left eye that hurt pretty bad, but it went away within a day or so.
I've stopped using my eyeliner because I don't want to risk spreading it. I try not to touch or rub my eyes.
I'm in the Navy Reserve, and I went to medical today. I told them about my eye and they basically brushed me off and told me it happens and will go away. I kinda don't believe them.


You could be having blepharitis in your eyes. It may of staphylococcal type which often leads to chalazion or stye (bumps) in your eye. Lid hygiene is the most important thing. You should daily scrub your lid margins with diluted baby shampoo. An eye ointment like Tetracycline should be applied at bed time. Lubricating eye drops and warm compresses will also help. You can see an ophthalmologist to confirm this diagnosis. To read more about this condition, you can follow this link - Thanks.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks! A friend of mine suggested that it could be a staph infection, but since she's not a doctor, I wanted a second opinion. I just have one more question, is the ointment something that would have to be prescribed, or can I get it OTC?
I will definitely take your daily care advice until I can get an ophthalmologist appointment though, thank you!

You are most welcome. I am from India and so I am not not very sure about your country but still I think you will get it OTC. You should remember the drug name Tetracycline. Lubricating eye drops you will certainly get. Thanks.

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