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I have an irritated eye since yesterday. Yesterday I could

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I have an irritated eye since yesterday. Yesterday I could not stand the light. Today it has gotten better but is still sensitive to light, I was finally able to stand opening it up to the light long enough to look in the mirror and I saw a white dot on the pupil...what could this mean?

Is it one eye or both eyes?
Have you had this before?
Do you wear contact lenses?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

It is only in my right eye.

I had an infection in the same eye about 8 months ago. There was a small spot on the colored part of my eye at that time. My ophthalmalogist gave me an antibiotic drop to use for a week and it cleared up.

I do wear contacts. I took them out Thursday night when my eye started bothering me..I thought it was alergies

It appears you have a corneal ulcer similar to what you had 8 months. The ulcer is the white dot that you see. The extreme sensitivity to light and pain is very typical of a corneal ulcer.

It is important that you stay out of your contact lenses. You should see your eye doctor as soon as possible to evaluate the severity of the ulcer and get a prescription for antibiotics.

Remember to press the green ACCEPT button. It was a pleasure helping you with your question. Best wishes to you. Feel free to ask any additional questions.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Can I wait until Monday to see the doctor and should I go to my regular doctor or straight to the Ophthalmologist? Is there anything else I can do until I get to the Dr? Also I have blurry vision in that that normal with this?
I do not recommend you wait until Monday as some of these infections can worsen quickly. It is preferable to see your eye doctor. Second choice is your regular doctor. Getting antibiotics in a timely manner, however, is essential. The blurry vision is due to the ulcer and swelling of the cornea.

Please remember to accept if my answer is helpful.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Last question...the antibiotics they gave me last time was tobramycin ophthalmic solution usp. I still have it from last time...can I use it now or do i need to wait until i see a dr?
it is fine to use to until you see a doctor this weekend. An urgent care/ER is also an option if you can't see your regular doctor or ophthalmologist.
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