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My mother has been diagnosed with Central Retina Vein

Resolved Question:

My mother has been diagnosed with Central Retina Vein Occlusion in her right eye (her left eye is OK). She does not have diabetes but been given tablets to lower her chlorestoral. She is 67 years old and has always been healthy. She describes her right eye as if there is a light shining on it and she now finds it uncomfortable to read. Apart from going to the local hospital for appointments she is worried to know what the outcome will be. Will her eyesight get better or will it deteriorate?
One doctor says to take aspirin a day and the other one says not too, which is best?
She has been told laser treatment can help, is this true?
Is there anything treatment or anything she can do and what will her prognosis be or is this a complex issue?
Thank you
Jane Stokes
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Stan replied 7 years ago.

Welcome to JA.

After she had central retinal vein occulsion (CRVO) the blood resolution creates distortion in her vision. The CRVO causes small new vessels that easily bleed to grow on the nerve that helps her see. In order to preserve what is left of her vision in the affected eye, and also prevent the possibility of her developing glaucoma with increased eye pressure from the blockage of the drainage system from the complication of CRVO, it is recommended the laser be use to zap areas of the back of her eyes (retina) that is swollen and/or producing abnormal substance. This can be detected by the eye doctor after the injection of dye into the arm and studying the image photographs from the eye. In addition, she would be started on steroid eye drops to help reduce eye inflammation.

One of the main reason people develop CRVO is from blood clot in the tiny blood vessel in the center of the main nerve (optic nerve) of the eye. Aspirin can reduce clotting, and that is the reason for recommending aspirin. If used, 81 aspirin is the choice, and it is mainly for the concern of the good eye. Now, in the eye with CRVO, her vision may improve slightly depending on the extent of the original damage. I encourage her to follow-up and allow the eye doctor perform the laser when appropriate. I also suggest that she control her cholestereol and high blood pressure if she any these abnormal.

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