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Hello. I am 54 years old, had a detached retina R eye in 73,

Resolved Question:

Hello. I am 54 years old, had a detached retina R eye in 73, cryo in L eye 1980. Dx. lattice degenerative retina disease. Cataract surg. bil. 2000. just diagonised with macular degen. L eye. i have had bifocals since my 30's. I can see far away with some distortion, with both eyes. I can't read normal size prints up close. I am having a problem reading and my livlihood depends on it. I am an LPN.I am using a magnifier glass, but it slow me up and time is of the essence. I have to work at a fsst pace. I am not ready for audio books, but can read large printheld away a little farther.My R eye was my stongest but now my weakest, and I must depend on my weaker eye ato pull my through.I had an injection within 5 hours of the spot apperaing, Vastin, I think. I don't know what is in store for me.My Dr. sid I am 54 yr' old with 75 yr' old yeyes. Any advise or qestions to ask my Dr. What about my R eye? What are the chances? T. Y. Debbie
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr.S Riaz replied 7 years ago.



A lot will depend upon mcular degeneration. You had an Avastin injection in the eye which is an anti-VEGF. It may have to be repaeted at monthly intervals. Since, I have not examined you and the management will depend your eye examinationn findings, you should discuss it with your ophthalmologist. LASER is also one of the options and it stabilizes the vision. This option should also be discussed. Treatment of macular degeneration is still unsatisfactory to a great extent in my opinion. So, the prognosis will depend upon macular degeneration behaves. LASER as I said stabilizes the vision to an extent and should be discussed with your doctor. Thanks.



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