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I've been diagnosed with a torn retina in my right eye,

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I've been diagnosed with a torn retina in my right eye, where I had floaters.
My right eye was lasered to seal the tear.
The doctor made another appt. for my left eye which he said had a tear and should be lasered, also.
I'm afraid to do my left eye, when I've not been experiencing any problem.
Should I go ahead with the laser anyway?
P.S. I still have the floaters in my right eye.

hello there

this is an easy decision. It seems you are not sure whether laser treatment is necessary. You may even have doubts that a tear even exists since another ophthalmologist did not note the tear. I would see another retina specialist to confirm the tear and check the need for laser. Typically small tears that cause no symptoms can be followed without treatment. That recommendation changes based on your level of nearsightedness, size of tear, other weak spots in the retina, etc. I hope this helps, Dr. Stevens

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you for your quick response.

In fact, I do have another appointment with another Retina Specialist scheduled in January.

This would then help to confirm whether or not there is a tear, and if it is necessary to do the laser in that eye too.

My one last decision is my Turks & Caicos holiday scheduled for next week (Dec. 2-9).

Should I fear a full retina detachment might occur while I'm away (Murphy's Law) - or is this an overraction on my part?

My suggestion is to go and enjoy yourself. If you could have the appt moved up to sometime this week, it would be much better.. Should you have symptoms, get back on the 9th and get in asap for treatment. Regards ***** *****