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Dr. Stan
Dr. Stan, Ophthalmologist
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I'm 72 years male, from 10 days ago my right eye started

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I'm 72 years male, from 10 days ago my right eye started flashing specially in dark room, I checked with my vision doctor my understanding was every thing inside my eye is normal but I could not understand what is the my problem with my right eye, please explain to me if you can.
Thank you


I'm Dr. Stan, and will be assisting you.

After your doctor examined your eyes and concluded that there is not problem, meaning that your retina is intact and not detached. Here is more else that could be happening but general is not a concern until it becomes severe, and that is Posterior Vitreous Detachment (PVD), and also cause flashes.

Inside the eye is a clear gel that attach to and supports the back of the eye (retina). With age, this gel can start to melt and develop pockets of liquefied gel. The pockets of liquids inside the clear gel moves and can give the sensation of flashes, especially when it develops close to the back of the eye. Usually PVD is without any harm to the eye, except for the discomfort. However, when it becomes severe constant flashes and floaters, then the retina eye surgeon will removed the liquefied vitreous. Hopefully, the eye doctor who examined you was an ophthalmologist, who is better trained to carefully look at the back of the eye to exclude retinal detachment or severe PVD. If not, I would recommend that you see an ophthalmologist.

The other issue that need to be evaluated for and excluded is whether the flashes at night represent a break in the far periphery of the retina. If your eye doctor is an ophthalmologist, then I would request that you let him know that you are still very concerned about this, and request to see a retina eye surgeon. I trust that you will do well.

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Please note that this answer is for information only. It cannot be substituted for the visit to or the recommendation of your doctor.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

This is same information I have received from my ophthalmologist, I was thinking to get second advice if some how it is different with my dococter, sorry I can say really nothing special in your answer to help me to stop this flashing until my next visit with my ophthalmologist.

but thank you so much for your answering my question and I can not accept your information as new advice.

Mansour Amini,


What I have given you is reassuring opinion, and exactly what is going on with you. I gave you a precious service, and lots of my time. It's your choice. I have given you information that is proven. I spent alot of my time evaluating you question. If my time does not mean anything to you, that's okay. Thank so much and may God bless.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Dr Stan,

Thank you for time to respond to my question regarding my right eye flashing, I was looking for better answer if I can solve this problem With prescription or some thing make stop flashing in my eye, your information was same as my Dr ( ophthalmologist gave me) if your answer cause you spent so much time I'm sorry so much for your time and effort and I will accept $10 as copay for your time and may God bess you for your opinion and I never ever try on line with any docotors.

Thank you again,

Mansour Amini,

Thank you. Please, click ACCEPT button so that I can be given credit for whatever you decide to pay for my efforts. I'm certain that you will agree with me that your regular doctor billed you several hundred dollars for the same advise I have given you without any testing. Thanks again, and God bless. What you have gotten from me is the standard of care. Be careful if someone else tries to please you and give you the wrong advise.

Dr. Stan and other Eye Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Dear Dr. my docotor never billed me several hunderd dollors if he do he send to my insurnce co beside you know better they exam me, this was my new experience for online advise.

Thank you,