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I have had corrective retina surgery 6-7 years ago. It was a

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i have had corrective retina surgery 6-7 years ago. It was a "torn retina" corrected by laser surgery. I injured my left eye going for a loose ball in a basket ball game. i got poked in the eye.
i now am experiencing a black spot in my vision in the same left eye only when i look down, but not when i look straight ahead or look up.
How old are you?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
26 years old

WellCustomer The possibilities with these symptoms could be a posterior vitreous detachment, a small vitreous hemorrhage or even a small lenticular opacity due to the trauma that you had. You need to get an examination by an ophthalmologist to confirm that. I hope that helps.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
what is the corrective solution?
If it is due to posterior vitreous detachment then no treatment is required. You will feel better with time. If it is because of a vitreous detachment then a cause will have to be found. You may require laser then. If it is because of a lenticular opacity then at this stage nothing may be done but when the opacity increases and causes diminution of vision then cataract surgery may be required. I hope that helps.