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My son's eyes are causing him many problems at work (he is a

Resolved Question:

My son's eyes are causing him many problems at work (he is a mechanical engineer aged 32, working all day on a computer).He was told some years ago that he is effectively blind in one eye, caused by a severe astigmatism.His recent referral to a local hospital resulted in them saying they could not do anything for him, and that the glassed prescribed for him appear to be fine.
He is beginning to dread going to work. He has a large screen 21", to work with, but often finds the close work blurry. He gets headaches and feels dizzy sometimes.He is becoming affected at the weekends now, often not feeling well. He is worried he may have to give up work.
I think he should be referred to a specialist eye hospital. (he is in the UK) Can you help at all?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr.S Riaz replied 7 years ago.


The reason for diminished vision in one eye could be amblyopia because of the difference in the prescription of two eyes. When there is such a condition then the weaker eye becomes lazy and there is diminshed vision in that eye. The doctors have rightly told you that nothing can be done for such an eye as the pathways between eye and the brain are not well-developed. So, your son is functionally one eyed. Sitting too much on computer can cause computer vision syndrome. To help dryness he should use a lubricating eye drop like Refresh Tears frequently. He should keep blinking while doing work on computer as that is reduced while reading and adds to dryness. He shoult give rest to eyes in between. It would be a good idea to see an ophthalmologist and get his refraction done again. Thanks.

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