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I am a hard contact lens wearer taking dosulepin

Resolved Question:

I am a hard contact lens wearer taking dosulepin antidepressant (150mg p.d.) at night. My optician has found that the oil from the meibomian glands is thick and clogging some of the glands, probably as a side-effect, so that the tears over the lenses dry out causing a tacky layer on them, discomfort and affecting the vision (but not with spectacles). The the rest of the eye is still moist. He has recommended warm compresses and massage at night, but the lenses dry out in the day. Is there any medication for a permanent treatment.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Stan replied 7 years ago.


I'm Dr. Stan, and will be assisting you with your question.

Yes, dosulpin side effects include dry eyes, dry mouth, vision changes among others. Though less severe than many of the other antidepressant medications. Hard contact as you know permits even lesser moist or wetting of the cornea. If you add dry eyes condition to that, it creates a very discomforting experience as you described.

In general, dry eyes lead to the thickening of the tear film, and increases the risk of meibomian gland dysfunction (due to clogging of the gland opening behind the eyelashes). The hot compresses and massages are intended to keep the gland pores open. I would suggest that you consider regular use of a preseverative -free tear drop, even while wearing the contacts, such as Refresh plus, Genteal or Tear Naturale drop. If your eye doctor determines that you have, in addition, infection of the eyelid with inflammation (blepharitis), then you should be treated with oral doxycycline 50-100mg twice daily for 10-14 days, Lotemax or Alrex drop, as a mild anti-inflammatory, for 2 weeks, while continuing the warm compresses, eyelid hygiene and tear drops. So, I would suggest that you see an optometrist or ophthalmologist who will examine your eyes under the slit-lamp machine to determine the best management for you. I trust that you will do well. The treatments with doxycycline and mild anti-inflammatory drops are temporary, but tear drops with intermittent eyelid hygiene would probably continue.

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