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eye..cold he suffers from a blocked nose which he finds hard..hands

Resolved Question:

My son aged 16 is suffering from watery eye both are affected.He is asthmatic and when he has a cold he suffers from a blocked nose which he finds hard to clear dispite using Olbas nasal inhaler stick. We have a cat but very careful about washing hands and keeping her out of his room,but obviously he comes in contact with her at other times.He also suffers most mornings with itchy eyes and I use hayfever drops before he goes to school. He is troubled at school and finds his vision becomes blurred. He wears glasses and is due an eye test soon,would he be able to get contact lenses or would this make things worse,also can the Optomitrist do a test to see if tear ducts blocked, or do I need to see G.P.for referal to Ophthalmologist.Thanks hope you can advise
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. James replied 7 years ago.

It appears his eye watering and symptoms are likely due to irritation, dry eyes, and allergies. It is uncommon for a 16 year old to have blocked tear ducts. If it was watering only on one side, then that may be more of a possibility. Tear duct testing is done by an ophthalmologist.

I recommend he use artificial tears. He should also check with his GP regarding possible allergy testing and treatment. Contacts are a possibility, but can make things worse. I recommend getting the ocular allergies under control first, then consider contact lenses.

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