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Dr.S Riaz
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I have a problem with my right eye. This s a recurring

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I have a problem with my right eye. This s a recurring problem, but it comes and goes. It is worse during the summer when I suffer from hayfever, and if I cry it also aggravates it. In the right hand corner under the eye lid a 'bubble' appears. It gets quite large and is noticeable as it effectively pushes my eyelid out as it swells. Its not painful, it just irrates my eye as I can feel it when I blink, and it also causing a sort of aching feeling in the corner of my eye. When I lift the eyelid up when there is no swelling there is dark lump on the eyelid, almost like a small swollen vein. Is there anything I can do about this, any treatment? I use eye drops when it swells to take away the irritation but that only seems a temporary solution at the time.

Since, this swelling has it been there for so long, it is npot likely to go on it's own. It could be a chalazion or something. You need to get it examined by an ophthalmologist. If it is a chalazion you may have to go for a vey minor surgical procedure called incision and curretage. Thanks.

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