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Dr. PG
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I recently started wearing contacts. 2 months in, they

Customer Question

I recently started wearing contacts. 2 months in, they started moving around too much and my eyes swell - doctor found inflamation underneath eyelid and prescribed anti-inflamatory steroid drops and new contacts after a short recovery. Now, I am wary of using contacts too much and only gradually wearing them longer (4-6 hours a day at most). My left eye was the main problem. Just now I noticed a small 'rough patch' at the very top of my iris (the big brown part), it looks like a 'scrape' or an extraneous layer of skin deposit. I tried washing my eyes and even mildly touching said area with no result. My right eye is perfectly smooth and clear.
What might be wrong? Is it possibly due an ongoing swelling (bumps as my doctor said) under the eye lid?
Also, I feel good with contacts on but after taking them out, its very uncomfortable. I feel dry and constantly have to rub/itch my eyes.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. PG replied 7 years ago.
What you are describing is basically allergic reaction in your eyes. This allergy can be in response to the contact lenses or in response to an allergen in the atmosphere (like pollens etc). You feel itchy on taking out the contact lenses for the same. The new contact lenses prescribed to you seem to be hypoalergic ones (do not cause allergy), that is why your symptoms have decreased. But if you are having persistent itching, then you need to use antiallergy eye drops once you have removed the contact lenses like zaditor/zaditen eye drops (available over the counter).
As far as the patch in the eft eye is concerned, it can be determined only by a first hand examination. But the commonest cause is a patch of dryness. For this I would recommend you to discontinue using contact lenses at present and use lubricating eye drops like systane/genteal/refresh tears etc (again available over the counter). If your symptoms worsen or they do not improve, then you would need to consult your Ophthalologist for a first hand evaluation.