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Dr. Stan
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My doctor sent me to an opthomologist for eyelid surgery.

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My doctor sent me to an opthomologist for eyelid surgery. The doctor, Dr. Goyal in Fishkill NY does one eye then a week later does the other. Is this
normal. I would think the costs will be more this way.


I'm Dr. Stan, and will be assisting with your question.

Yes, many times with eyelid surgeries, especially blepharoplasty, both eyes are done at the same time. This is to ensure proper match of the amount repair. When done separately, one week many be too soon for the swelling in repaired eye to resolved, in order to ensure proper cosmetic alignment/match with the already repaired eye. This is unlike cataract or other eye surgeries that are often done separately. However, there must have been a reason why Dr. Goyal decided to do the surgery in each eye on separate days.

The cost difference for doing each eye separately or on different days may not be all the significantly different. The cost for each eye usually set. The only change may occur in cost of the other ancillary services for the nurses prepping you an second time. I would suggest that you respectfully ***** ***** express this feeling to Dr. Goyal and hear the doctor's reasoning. I trust that you will be fine, and that the outcome of your surgery will please you.

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