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Dr. Stan
Dr. Stan, Ophthalmologist
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Came on suddenly in last 10 minutes. trouble reading a page

Resolved Question:

Came on suddenly in last 10 minutes. trouble reading a page of print. Page is not totally blocked out or blurred or hazy all over the page. Small sections or spots are blocked out by a rather bright or whited out spots flashing. At first appeared near center and some to the left side of center all in the left eye. When looking at a page of print some words were blocked out. In about 15 minutes the spots came to gether in a line appearing to be on the left side and gradually drifting very slowly left and out of sight back to normal. Along with this I've had a very low aching around the eyes and very dull low level head ache that didn't warrant taking an asperin.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Stan replied 7 years ago.


My name is***** and will be assisting you today.

Without any further delay, I would advise you to call your eye doctor and get evaluated today. There are several concerns here including posterior vitreous detachment, which the detachment of the clear gel inside your eye from the face of the retina. This is common with age, however, severe cases, may need immediate attention. I'm also concerned about retina detachment with bleed inside the eye, that possibility should be excluded. Another important concern here, especially with the symptom of headache and ache is temporal arteritis. Other concerns include wet macula degeneration. Please, see youe doctor today, if not available go the emergency room of a hospital closes to you. If temporal arteritis suggested by exam and lab testing, you would be started on prednisone, at least until it is certain that you do not have it. Thank you so much. With proper action, I trust that you would do well.

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