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Ive been told that I have epri retinal membrane as a result

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I've been told that I have epri retinal membrane as a result of taking digitial pictures. Is this the only this?



My name isXXXXX and I will be assisting you with your question.


I have few questions for you so that I can give you good information to assist you decisions.


What type of prescription drops are you using? How about other medications you are currently taking? If they are many - tell me what your are using them for?


Are you diabetic or Hypertension?, and have you had any laser treatment in your eye(s)?


Which eye is the epiretinal membrane?


What other eye problems do you have? Glaucoma?


Thank you.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

On July 20th, I had cataract surgery on my right eye. For the first couple of days, my vision was very clear but became somwhat cloudy as time went on. I was prescribed Pred Forte and Nevanac. After 6 to 8 weeks there was not much improvement. After the first digitial photo, I was told it was some swelling. After about 6 weeks and a second photo I was told the swelling was reduced. However, my vision was not much improved. After the third photo, I was told it was epie retinal membrane. I was also told to arrange to be fitted for corrective lenses.


About 4 years ago I had Lasik surgery on both eyes. I use monovision even today with my right eye seeing distance. Before Lasik my right eye was about 20/700 and my left about 20/600.





Thank you for your reply.


It's likely that after your cataract surgery you developed cystoid macular edema (i.e. swelling in the macular area of the retina - CME). This is a common complication after intraocular surgery, commonly cataract. Most of the time, aggressive treatment with steroid drops like pred forte, nevanac or acular and/or sub tenons injection of Kenalog to effective quiet down the inciting inflammation will resolve it.


From the description of your vision prior to LASIK it appears the you were high myope with thin/stretched retina to begin with, and so at higher risk for macular swelling with intraocular surgery. The epi-retinal membrane - ERM (thin fibrous film) likely developed as a result of inadequately controlled inflammation and/or complication of the CME. At this time, the best option for removing the ERM and improve your vision may be a retinal procedure by a retinal surgeon to gently peel off the film from the surface of the macular.


The time of such ERM peel is best determined by the retinal eye surgeon after evaluation. So, a referral to a retinal surgeon may be in order at this time. On the other hand, if the vision is not severely affected, continuing to use pred forte and nevanc and/or adding kenalog injection could enhance the recovery.


I trust that you will do well. Continue to ask question - and persist, and you will be alright. Thank you so much. I hope I could be of assistance in the future. May God bless.


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