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Dr.S Riaz
Dr.S Riaz, Ophthalmologist
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Thanks in advance. I'm 65 and for a week now in one eye I

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Thanks in advance. I'm 65 and for a week now in one eye I have (not a floater) but a 'large fuzzyness' which moves right across my field of vision when I look left, and vice versa, producing a sort of 'windscreen wiper effect'. I'm in good health otherwise and not overweight. I do hope this can be fixed as it is very distracting, especially when driving. I wear glasses (shortsighted) but with them have good sight. Hope to hear from you Frank (Horsham, UK)

This symtom is very suggestive of posterior vitreous detachment which is a normal ageing change. The vitreous gel in the posterior part of the eye liquifies with age and shrinks. As it shrinks, it may cause traction on the retina which may lead to flashes of light and floaters in the eye or the fuzziness due to the retracted vitreous gel which moves across your vision. Usually, it goes uneventful, but sometimes it amy cause a retinal tear which can lead to retinal detachment and serious loss of vision. So, a person with these symptoms must get a dilated fundus examination to rule out any retinal tear. Another possibility is a vitreous hemorrhage especially if you are a diabetic or hypertensive. For this also fundus examination is required.Thanks.

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