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I took my 3 yr old to her Ophthalmologist today for an exam

Resolved Question:

I took my 3 yr old to her Ophthalmologist today for an exam (at her 3-yr checkup with the Pediatrician, she read the eye chart with one eye, but not the other when covered). He dilated her eyes, and noted that there were some granules on her Macula. He is referring her to a retina specialist at the Reina Foundation of the Southwest-pediatric eye Research Laboratory. He wrote on his referring sheet "Granular Macula on VA 20/50, 20/50 (ow 20/25). He told me that it was variable, and that they would get a very precise visual accuity...and he wants to make sure he's not missing anything...I guess with her Macula. What can cause "granular macula?" What exactly is it?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. PG replied 7 years ago.
Granular macula is an observation made by the Ophthalmologist. This finding can be due to any previous bleeding or hemorrhage in the eye, any old inflammation (which can be present at birth or could have occured later on). The retina specialist will run some investigations liek blood tests and -ra to detemine the cause. If required an angigraphy of the retina might be done (your child is yourng, so it might notbe possible). Depending on the findings further course of treatment would be initiated.
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