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I saw my eye Dr. today as I woke up this morning and felt like

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I saw my eye Dr. today as I woke up this morning and felt like I had something in my eye. My eyes are always uncomfortable as they are very dry and it usually takes a few minutes for me to put drops and blink a few times and it usually clears up. Today it did not. The Dr. examined my eyes and told me I had a foreign body right in the center of my cornea. He numbed my eye and removed it with a needle right in the office. Gave me antibiotic drops to take three times tonight and I am to see him in the morning. He says there is scarring on the cornea as he thinks the foreign body has been in the cornea for awhile. He says I could have complications. Should I seek a second opinion?

What complications did he mentioned?
Where do you think the foreign body came from?
Did you see an ophthalmologist or optometrist?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The Dr I saw is my opthamologist. I do not know where the foreign body came from and when he removed it he was not very clear about what it was. He seemed very grim when talking to me about it and said I could possibly lose sight in the eye if scarring occurred and said he thought the foreign body had been there awhile because he could see the area around it was starting to scar. He also said removing it could cause scarring. I saw the Dr. yesterday and again today and have to go again tomorrow. I am using a eye drop antibiotic 3 times a day. It feels better today but still uncomfortable. I have no idea how I got something in my eye without knowing it.
If the foreign body was removed, there should not be further scarring. The visual complications of the scarring depends on where it is. If it is on the edge of the cornea, then it should have very limited effects. If it is in the center, then it can effect your vision.

It is early to tell how much scarring will eventually take place. These things usually looks worse in its early stages because there can be swelling and inflammation around the area. Once that clears, your ophthalmologist can give you a better idea of the effects of the scarring. Since the foreign body was removed, things should be getting better from now.

In regards XXXXX XXXXX second opinion, it depends on how confident you are in your ophthalmologist's diagnosis and treatment. It appears to me that the treatment is appropriate. A second opinion, however, is helpful and can give you ease of mind if both doctors are in agreement.

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